New research suggests that our brains delete information at an “extraordinarily high” rate. Researchers from two institutes in Gottingen, Germany¬† claim to have the answer for at least one question that has remained a puzzle:

Just how fast does the brain forget information?

According to the new model brain activity that the researchers have devised, the answer to that is:

One bit per active neuron per second

Fred Wolf of the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization further explains, that “extraordinarily high deletion rate came as a huge surprise,” and it effectively means that information is lost in the brain as quickly as it can be delivered.

For those trying to be noticed this means you are easily forgotten. How can your message be remembered?

  1. Create lots of remarkable content that your prospect wants to know. If you want Google to recognize you, your content must be positioned correctly and it must be remarkable content.
  2. Your content must help your prospect solve a problem — don’t sell them.
  3. Engage your customer by offering something they won’t refuse. (It better be of value!)
  4. Make it easy for a prospect to do business with you. Don’t tell them you’ll call them.
  5. Automate, your prospect does not want to wait on you. Remember they will forget about you soon as they leave your site.


Make It Easy

The typical purchase transaction involves cash or credit. Today most opt for credit which then involves waiting to scan the card, get the receipt to sign, retain a copy of the receipt and off to the races. Not so with Starbucks who just announced a Starbucks Card mobile app for iPhone users in select markets while they test the idea.

There is no need to reach into your wallet, pocketbook, or purse to purchase your favorite Trenta. Just click your Starbucks app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or a number of BlackBerry models and hold it up to the bar code on the cup, at which point monies will be automatically deducted from your Starbucks Card account.

Simple. Fast. Remarkable.

Take a moment and consider what systems in your business make it difficult for a customer to do business with you?

What tweak could you make in your service process that would create a remarkable experience for your customer?

What mobile apps do you have that are worth talking about? Oh, oh!