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Who Is Your Customer? | Jeff Payne

Who Is Your Customer?

  Who is your customer? Does he wake up in the morning and read his email over a cup of coffee? Does he pack a lunch, or head to Chick-fil-A with nothing but his laptop and a full inbox? How does she commute to work? Does she listen to music or podcasts when at the […]

Purpose | Jeff Payne

One Word That Changes Everything

Purpose. The one word that changes everything. It either comforts or confronts. Comforts It comforts when I’m weary, confused, uncertain, failing, or when pain envelops me and darkness is my closest friend. It’s comforting because I know my purpose. I know everything that God sends my way is the best possible thing for me, and […]

Jeff Payne | Quote from Dead Poets Society

Start By Teaching Someone

Derek Sivers makes a great point in his book Anything You Want: Start by teaching someone something this week. That’s great! Instead of focusing on the size of your database or worrying about your open rate — focus on helping someone. Derek Sivers was a professional musician. He had a passion that evolved around programming […]

Jeff Payne | Card from Castlerock Pet Hospital

Success Is How Your Customers Feel

[featured-image link_single=”null” single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Jeff Payne | Card from Castlerock Pet Hospital”] Success is not just an achievement of some data point that you hit on a sales chart. Success is how your customers feel. A few weeks ago we lost Missy our cat of 10 years. Missy became part of our family the day we […]

Jeff Payne | Don't Give People Reasons to Choose

Don’t Give People Reasons to Choose You

When you enter an IKEA store you find the entire store dedicated to helping you see the possibilities. The store isn’t stacked ceiling to floor with furniture. Instead you experience a breadcrumb trail of wall-to-wall ideas. IKEA is showing you what their furniture and accessories could help you achieve. I know this strategy is not by accident. […]

My Tools | Jeff Payne

My Tools

I am often asked about what tools I use in my personal and professional life. I thought I would list them here. Since technology changes and my tools inevitably change as well I will update them from time to time. If there’s a tool you feel that I am missing or one that you believe is […]

Jeff Payne | Create What People Can't Live Without

Create What People Can’t Live Without

[featured-image] Where would I be without my iPad mini, my smartphone, my MacBook Air, or my 27 inch iMac? I honestly can’t imagine it. Nor can I imagine not having Google, Amazon, iTunes, Audible, Basecamp, Facebook, WordPress, etc. These are all tools I use everyday that make life easier and more enjoyable. Things I didn’t […]

Get beyond “it can’t be done”

Building A Mercedes-Benz/AMG Engine Imagine the ideal solution “In solving problems of virtually any kind, the way to get the best outcome is to imagine what the ideal solution would be and then work backward to where you are today. This ensures you do not erect imaginary obstacles before you even know what the ideal […]