Don’t Give People Reasons to Choose You

Jeff Payne | Don't Give People Reasons to Choose

When you enter an IKEA store you find the entire store dedicated to helping you see the possibilities. The store isn’t stacked ceiling to floor with furniture. Instead you experience a breadcrumb trail of wall-to-wall ideas. IKEA is showing you what their furniture and accessories could help you achieve. I know this strategy is not by accident. […]

My Tools

My Tools | Jeff Payne

I am often asked about what tools I use in my personal and professional life. I thought I would list them here. Since technology changes and my tools inevitably change as well I will update them from time to time. If there’s a tool you feel that I am missing or one that you believe is […]

Create What People Can’t Live Without

Jeff Payne | Create What People Can't Live Without

Where would I be without my iPad mini, my smartphone, my MacBook Air, or my 27 inch iMac? I honestly can’t imagine it. Nor can I imagine not having Google, Amazon, iTunes, Audible, Basecamp, Facebook, WordPress, etc. These are all tools I use everyday that make life easier and more enjoyable. Things I didn’t even […]

Get beyond “it can’t be done”

Building A Mercedes-Benz/AMG Engine Imagine the ideal solution “In solving problems of virtually any kind, the way to get the best outcome is to imagine what the ideal solution would be and then work backward to where you are today. This ensures you do not erect imaginary obstacles before you even know what the ideal […]

My Own Personal Lesson In Self-Deceit

Over my life I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences and people in my life that I have learned a lot from. I’ve also learned a lot about myself just from spending many quiet moments alone probing, questioning, and searching what it is I really believe and value. It’s weird I’m sure, but I have […]

It’s The Creative The Customer Is Paying For

When a project is tangible, touchable, or easily visual it’s easy for a customer to understand what they are paying for. However, that is not the norm. The customer needs you, the creative, to help him or her solve a problem. If it were an easy solution they wouldn’t need you. They would just go […]

Leave A Voicemail

Remember the old days of prospecting? Call, introduce yourself, get appointment. The game has changed Recently a salesperson said, “I just can’t call anymore. Buyers just don’t pick up their phones. True. Think of yourself. We don’t want to be interrupted. We don’t want to be sold. We are inundated by messages 24/7, not another […]

Those Who Care

“What a pro.” “What a jerk!” “Really?” “What a special person.” “She cares.” All comments related to interactions I’ve had with people this week.  It’s likely you’ve had similar interactions with people. So if your going to invest your time and interact with people, who are the type of people who will get the best […]