It’s The Creative The Customer Is Paying For

When a project is tangible, touchable, or easily visual it’s easy for a customer to understand what they are paying for. However, that is not the norm. The customer needs you, the creative, to help him or her solve a problem. If it were an easy solution they wouldn’t need you. They would just go […]

Leave A Voicemail

Remember the old days of prospecting? Call, introduce yourself, get appointment. The game has changed Recently a salesperson said, “I just can’t call anymore. Buyers just don’t pick up their phones. True. Think of yourself. We don’t want to be interrupted. We don’t want to be sold. We are inundated by messages 24/7, not another […]

Those Who Care

“What a pro.” “What a jerk!” “Really?” “What a special person.” “She cares.” All comments related to interactions I’ve had with people this week.  It’s likely you’ve had similar interactions with people. So if your going to invest your time and interact with people, who are the type of people who will get the best […]

The Expert

Is it possible you don’t have the answer? When we don’t have the answer, it is the reason we seek an expert. Positioning with the expert that we know something and forcing the dialog around what we know can limit the greater potential, or even success or failure for the endeavor. Posing to align yourself […]

Built for Speed

Think about the white stripes. It’s been many years since I’ve thought about the white stripes, when I used to literally make the highway paint at Sherwin-Williams during the summers of high school and my freshman and sophomore years of college. The white stripes I’m talking about are those dividing the lanes of traffic going […]

Can you say iPad Mini?

“If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”—Mario Andretti Change. Fast. Now. I have an iMac with a 27″ monitor. I also have a MacBook Air, an iPhone 4S, and my latest addition, the iPad Mini and thanks to a close friend, an AppleTV device. What does this have to do with anything? Well […]

You are smart, right?

“You are smart, right?”   “Yes, I think so.”  “Good, then you have nothing to fear.” — Jack Reacher In the movie Jack Reacher, Jack, played by Tom Cruise, asks attorney Helen Rodin, played by Rosamund Pike (yes, the Bond girl), “You are smart, right?” She somewhat sheepishly answers, “Yes, I think so.” Jack, then confidently […]