How do you make me feel?

JEff Payne | How do you make me feel?

We all face the same problem. Our email is just one among many from people who are trying to cut through the clutter to get attention. And the people on the receiving end are jaded by it all. Just today a sample of messages from my inbox looked like this: “24 Hours Left to Save 30%” “You should […]

It’s Often Not The First Touchpoint

It's Often Not The First Touchpoint | Jeff Payne

Earlier this month I received an email that captured my attention. The email contained an inviting image of a book that caught my eye instantly. Along with the image was some copy that provided a brief description of the book that was pictured. Interested, I clicked the link in the email which redirected me to […]

Start By Teaching Someone

Jeff Payne | Quote from Dead Poets Society

Derek Sivers makes a great point in his book Anything You Want: Start by teaching someone something this week. That’s great! Instead of focusing on the size of your database or worrying about your open rate — focus on helping someone. Derek Sivers was a professional musician. He had a passion that evolved around programming […]

A Marketing Plan Is Not Enough

Keep Your Focus On The Show | Jeff Payne

In business we usually begin with a plan. A plan provides the details to our idea. It brings together the strategy, process, people, budget, milestones, price, and deliverables. At the very end is when marketing is considered. Most of the time marketing is seen as an activity, a to-do list with a deadline to get […]

When is the best time to send an email when you want a reply?

Email Open Rate | Jeff Payne

According to my friends over at Yesware, who backed their assertion up with data, the best time to send an email is whenever there’s less competition.

An analysis of over 500,000 sales emails sent in Q1 2014 showed open and reply rates are higher on the weekends. Why? It could be because there’s significantly less email being sent on weekends.

Attention Is Either Earned or Paid For

Attention is Earned | Jeff PAyne

The value of attention is decreasing day by day. We have marketing channels galore that contribute to fleeting attention. There are more advertisements and choices than ever before. This has translated into less trust, lack of belief and a declining motivation to pay attention. It’s easy to see why. We all consume media on our […]

Solve your reading problem

Blinkist | Jeff Payne

A common theme appears regularly in my coaching. I find that many of my customers have difficulty reading for a variety of reasons. Well I found a solution. It’s called Blinkist. It’s a great little app that allows you access to hundreds of popular book summaries that can be read within 15 to 30 minutes. This app is great and can be uploaded to your iPhone or iPad. It also can be synced to your Evernote and Kindle. A must have app for any business professional who wants to lead, share ideas, and start conversations.

We Are There for The Story

We Are There for The Story | Jeff Payne

I remember coming home from college during the summers, and my dad would always take me to get a good old-fashioned Texas burger. The place was an old converted Denny’s Restaurant. I can assure you that when Denny’s was operating there, they did not have the “problems” this restaurant had. And I mean good kinds […]