The Secret Ingredient You May Be Missing

The Secret Ingredient You May Be Missing | Jeff Payne

I say it’s secret. It isn’t secret. It’s simple. It’s strategic. It’s hard work. I hear it often. How do I grow my email list? How do I get more sales qualified leads? It comes down to this. You must build a direct connection with your readers. Readers? Yep. Everyone reads. Go to your favorite […]

How Deep Is Your Love?

Jeff Payne | How Deep Is Your Love?

When I first started experimenting with online marketing over a decade ago, there was a lot less competition. It was pretty easy, just take your service or product, spend a dollar on advertising and make two dollars back in return. But as the competition grew so did my costs. My return became less and less, […]

The Blah Front End of Your Marketing

Jeff Payen | The Blah Front End of Your Business

It was Thursday morning. Mark, a sales and business executive who works with small to large businesses, was excited to launch his marketing campaign to a group of people within his database. His goal was simple: to fill his calendar with appointments from people who received his email and proceeded to request a meeting. A […]

Just Water

Just Water | Jeff Payne

Are you in the market to purchase a bottle of water? Which brand will you choose? How will you decide? There are a lot of choices. Consider the marketing and advertising of water. Just a stroll through the water aisle at Whole Foods and see all the choices you have. Just water, right? Many of […]

The Time for Average is Over

Jeff Payne | Lemons or Lemonade

If you haven’t noticed, transactional-level business is evaporating. We don’t need to settle for average when we have access to just about anything we need or want right at our fingertips. The time for average is over. The difference between average and great is not what you might think it is. It’s not the product you […]

The Real Trick to Marketing

The Real Trick to Marketing | Jeff Payne

The real trick to marketing is to reinvent the norm. We all recognize normal — it’s boring, expected, mundane, average, and status quo. We see the reinvention of the norm through marketing time and time again. Cupcakes Coffee FSBO Car wax Shavers Blenders Payment systems Music Steak Candles Books Pet adoption Marketing (and branding) is […]

One Word That Changes Everything

Purpose | Jeff Payne

Purpose. The one word that changes everything. It either comforts or confronts. Comforts It comforts when I’m weary, confused, uncertain, failing, or when pain envelops me and darkness is my closest friend. It’s comforting because I know my purpose. I know everything that God sends my way is the best possible thing for me, and […]